Welcome to LHT Bauingenieure

Our structural engineering company was founded in 2000, and has conducted business with the name Lichtenau Himburg Tebarth Bauingenieure GmbH since 2002. In 2022, under the fresh guidance of new managing partners David Schreier and Marcel Opitz, we set our sights on exciting future developments.

In addition to structural engineering services, we also offer building physics consultant services, with particular emphasis on thermal efficiency, soundproofing, and moisture control, as well as specialized preventative fire protection for old and new buildings of all types, delivered using a comprehensive and coordinated approach that considers every aspect of the plan and design.

In accordance with ESG-ratings that govern environmental and sociological impacts, to evaluate the structural condition, energy performance, and sustainability of buildings, we additionally provide in-depth Technical Due Diligence (TTD) analysis, and support our customers using a team of over 20 employees that offer a broad range of expertise.

To minimize unnecessary costs and construction, it is our primary aim to deliver thorough and qualified advice during the designing and planning stages of the engineering process, taking into account all dimensions of the project to ensure its completion to a high standard, on time and within budget.

Our Services:

Structural engineering

Feasibility studies and competitions

Static calculation of various construction methods and materials

Expertise using reinforced concrete, steel, steel composite, timber, timber hybrid, masonry, and prefabrications

Technical drawings and specifications for formwork and reinforcement planning

BIM planning

Structural analysis for older buildings

Scheduling and coordination planning

Building physics

Verification of energy performance in accordance with GEG guidelines for residential and non-residential buildings

Energy performance certification

2D- and 3D-thermal bridge calculations

Thermal simulations for buildings

KfW Energy Efficiency Expertise (KfW-EEE)

Sound insulation and acoustics consultation

Life cycle assessments of buildings and components


Fire protection

Fire protection concepts for buildings of all types

Fire safety visualization plans using special software

Fire safety evaluation of existing buildings for renovation, reconstruction, and development

Feasibility studies and competitions